Hi there, I’m George.

I’ve just completed my degree in Games Technology at Coventry University, and I’ve created this website to showcase some of my work and projects.

My main interest has always been in technology and computing, and I’ve had plenty of exposure to the industry already through my Dad who works in IT support. From a young age I would go to work with him and help out with day to day tasks such as hardware repair, administrative jobs and general technical support.

I’ve created multiple games in Unity, both for University and personal projects, as well as the game Cloud Bastion as a part of the company Campire Games I helped found with 3 other students.

I have a big passion for video games, and when I’m not working you can usually find me playing Overwatch. My dream job would definitely be in the video games industry, and I’m hoping my degree will help me achieve that dream.

Please feel free to browse this site and view my work. If you wish to get in contact my email address is george.yarwood@gmail.com.

Thanks for reading!