C++ Hovercraft Game

This was a project I completed as part of my degree last year, but I am only now getting round to adding it to my portfolio.

We were tasked with creating a coding a simple hovercraft game using OpenGL and C++. We were expected to write code to import 3D models, manage physics (E.g create a rigidbody and add force, creating colliders etc), control the lighting, etc.

We were shown some of these techniques at Uni, with the physics elements being taught to us being in legacy openGL (So we couldn’t just steal the existing code, as to get full marks our game had to be created in modern OpenGL), and then the graphics side was shown to us with example files.

I didn’t find the example files demonstrating modern OpenGL very helpful, so I and many other people ended up following LearnOpenGL.com, and adapting the tutorials on there to create something that would meet the original brief.

I was quite pleased with the final product I was able to create. I wasn’t able to implement specular lighting unfortunately, but I was able to have simple physics with box colliders, basic lighting, a fully working model and texture importer, a simple animation, multiple camera modes, a skybox and a fully modeled track.

You can check out the finished product here: https://youtu.be/WcJW-FPz27k