Cloud Bastion

As I mentioned previously, I have opted to create my own placement instead of getting on at an existing company.

The company I am a part of, Campfire Games, have been hard at work on our first game which is called Cloud Bastion. It’s a simple, turn based J-RPG style game that involves randomized characters, permadeath and completely custom art and assets created either by myself or the two artists who work along side me.

While my typical roles are Unity programmer and Marketing director, I have also made some 3D models. Our game consists of multiple “dungeons”, each with different settings, and I was responsible for completely modelling this one:

My main focus however has been coding the game in Unity. So far, I am responsible for:

  • The character creation system
  • The party management/selection system
  • The main UI
  • The dialogue system
  • The dynamic camera system
  • The music system
  • The main menu
  • The random generation of characters
  • The saving and loading of character
  • The saving and loading of the coin and current in-game date and time

I have also tried to be active in marketing and generating interest in our game. The most successful tool for this has been our Discord Server, where we announce our weekly podcast (On Fridays) and our weekly game stream (On Wednesdays). Our community love to get involved with the game live streams, and I have also been hosting a Campfire Games Minecraft server which has been extremely popular, typically having 5 -8 people on it all the time.

Aside from our discord server, I have also been in charge of creating and managing our Website, as well as our mailing list. We also have Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts.

We were able to use all these methods of contact and the community we build up to roll out our currently ongoing beta test. So far we’ve had almost 50 people sign up, and the feedback we’ve received has been mostly very positive, and we plan to roll out a big update very soon that will address most of the received complaints.

If you are interested in finding out more about our company and our game Cloud Bastion, please check out our website, or join our Discord Server.